Thursday, 26 March 2015

Navigating the Journey of Life

While hiking on our path in life, the terrain changes and affords us the wonderful variety of mountains, hills, valleys and canyons.

Each one of them represents a different view and vantage point, none more important than the other – all are needed.

The mountains afford us a visionary vantage view point where, the far reaching vista of our lives and paths seem clearer and apparent.

The hills afford us a chance to pause, a reprieve from our daily toil.

While the peaks of our mountains allow us to feel ‘on top’, they also accentuate the fact that we are ‘alone’ up there. The peaks could be more barren than the valleys, and in reality their greater power is in enabling us to have a higher view of where we’re going to, and where we are.

The valleys, on the other hand, are mostly lush and rich – having the resources needed for our move forward. Actually, only the valleys – the ground level, are continuous, allowing us to move forward. Imagine us leaping in the air from one mountain top to the next…

Therefore, although we are attracted to the mountain top and value it more, it is the hiking through the valley that makes it possible – allows us our own individual expression to have the greater power and Live.

In an upcoming webinar, I’ll speak more of it, reframing our understanding and definitions, and creating the winning mindset for our respectful journeys.


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The Zeros in Our Lives

I can hear you say: is there such a thing as a zero in our lives, or do you mean nothing?

Well, no, I don’t mean ‘nothing’. I mean to say that we could look at the concept of a ‘zero’ in our lives in a different light.

Regardless if you bring forth mathematical, physics, intellectual, or financial arguments, zero actually is ‘a state in-between states’, it is a thing of value.

Take for example the celebration of birthdays. First, a baby is born, and then we wait for a full year before we celebrate its first year’s birthday. We regarded the moment of birth as a start to its life (that we can see, not the nine months of pregnancy). The baby is alive and of presence, it has needs and wants, highs and lows for a full year – and you cannot count that as ‘nothing’.

I’d like to offer a view point of looking at zero as an opening, the in-between stage, and definitely a state of value.

Zero came as a great help in counting – carrying us over to the next level, like between 1 and 10, 10 and 100, and so on. It lets us distinguish between one level and another.

The many subjects and methods using a zero are too many to mention here, but what if next time you look at a zero, or think of a zero, you’ll have a real look at its shape too.

Zero is marked with O – a circle denoting completion on the one hand, and a re-start on the other. It is also like the letter O for Opening, a doorway to a new space.

Sometimes, I’m sorry to say, people relate to a zero with regards to having nothing in their lives. Mostly because they linger in the in-between state for too long, maybe even because they don’t find a way out. This seems like a suspended animation, but who is to say that they’re not in a state of hibernation and growth? (Check out my post ‘When a Non-Movement is an Hibernation’ of Aug 12th 2014).

It seems to me that it will be much more beneficial to all of us to be more accurate in both our thinking and definitions. Vagueness breeds errors, and really makes us miss the point.

In tongue-and-cheek manner, I would even say (trying not to be too complex) that even the word ‘nothing’ may be looked at differently. Nothing may become No-Thing, while No may become an acronym for Next One – and here we go again to Next One Thing, which may take us to our next place in life.

May every moment of your lives will be a grand opening to a marvelous greatness.

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Friday, 30 January 2015

Visual Input Impression and Our Lives

The senses, sight, hearing, and touch, particularly sight, when receiving input from the outside, generate feelings within us. These feelings ignite our thought mechanism, and we find ourselves deep in thoughts flavoured by the input we were just exposed to.

Our life’s story is actually woven, as per the flavour and content of our thoughts, so imagine how exposed we really are, and actually how we give our power away while, allowing unguarded input to penetrate us and therefore, our lives.

This is extremely important, specifically in this day and age where, the world is far more connected due to technology, we’re far more exposed to what is going on in the world – good or bad (unfortunately, far more bad than good), and in addition we are further exposed to movies and other programs, in the various available media connections.

All this input that most of the times actually does not concern our immediate lives, but life in general, becomes ‘extreme noise’ whereby, our system is trying to dampen out. When successful, we seem to be nonchalant about life, and when not – we can get sick, or develop other bodily/mind manifestations.

By now you could say – Good Grief...

If this is not enough, consider that our sub-conscious mind doesn’t actually differentiate between what is really going on in our lives, and what we’re impressed upon by a movie, or watching the evening news.

What are we to do? Surely, we cannot cut ourselves from the world (now that we’re all connected), or not have our moments ‘away’ while watching a favourite program.

While there is a longer list of solutions than space here to discuss, I would like to offer two:

The first is for you to declare to your mind: ‘this is just a movie’, ‘this are somebody else’s challenges’, and although I can feel for them – ‘this is NOT my story or my life’.

The actual declaration sets you apart, and your sub-conscious may take itself now out of gear. This means that you have to be aware and disciplined to do it every day, and every time you’re exposed to any non-positive outside impression.

The second solution to consider is monitoring your well-being after your exposure, and making choices to stop watching those things that really have an adverse effect on you.

Let us remember that we can only feel while we live, and we only feel in the present. Isn’t it justified for us to feel good most of the times versus not?

If, per chance, you hold a belief that you do not deserve to feel good, please understand that your belief then is in opposition to any law of nature, and look to learn the truth from nature.

If you want to be part of a more peaceful and harmonious world – you have to bring peace into your life, and strive to harmony in all aspects of your life, as well as your thoughts.

I believe that it is possible.

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